Nutrition Consultancy

During a nutrition consultation you are encouraged to provide as much information as possible about your eating and lifestyle habits. We will use this information to develop a personalised lifestyle plan incorporating practical recommendations. You’ll receive supporting resources including recipes, food and health articles and food shopping lists. You will also be invited to participate in practical activities including food tours, cookery classes and physical activity programmes.

Our aim

Our aim is to enable you to make sustainable changes for lifelong health and wellbeing. Your personal aims may be weight loss, feeling more energised, preventing ill-health, preparing for a marathon or simply ensuring a balanced diet.


We provide consultations globally over the phone, or over the web, but face to face consultations are limited to locations near to our offices in Birmingham, London and Berlin.

Ongoing sessions

You may request further ongoing sessions. If this is required we can help you implement a lifestyle intervention incorporating physical activity and even stress management. Our aim is to ensure you are ‘signed off’ after a 12 week period. We are willing to work with couples and families although more time may be required during the initial consultation.

Nutrition Consultancy Fees

Initial consultations are priced as follows.

  • 90 minute individual/couples consultation £75.00
  • 2 hour family consultation (couple plus 2 children) £100.00
  • Follow-up appointments £40.00/hour

Change the way you cook, shop and eat food forever

Book a Personalised Nutrition, Food and Health Session

Incorporating nutrition consultation, food tour, cook and taste session £200.00.

This includes a take-home healthy hamper to help you on your way.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, please get in touch.

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