Public Health Transition 2013

Posted by Shaleen Meelu on Thursday, 24 January 2013 in General

Healthy Futures and Public Health Transition 2013

Registered nutritionist, Shaleen Meelu set up Healthy Futures in 2009 after working as a programme manager for a PCT's public health department. We are mindful that a variety of organisations use the description 'health and wellbeing' to describe their services. At Healthy Futures we work directly with health professionals, organisations and schools to implement national and regional health and wellbeing strategies and initiatives led by local authority alliances  and health promoting charities, organisations and professional bodies. 

Healthy Futures Team of Experts

We are subject matter experts in 'nutrition, food and health'. Healthy Futures team of experts include registered nutritionists, medical consultants, public health academics, a GP with an interest in weight management and diabetes, a public health information and intelligence specialist and business development managers with experience of working within both public and private sector. 

To support public health transition 2013, our combined expertise can be used to offer

  • Programme design and costing in response to the new environment
  • Needs assessment and options appraisal
  • Evaluation and review
  • Transition and novation of services and projects to new management and governance
  • Advice on new business models
  • Bid writing/bid support

We also have links to leading academics who are able to support research and evaluation of existing services. 




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Hi, my name is Shaleen Meelu and I am the founder of Healthy Futures. I’m also a registered nutritionist and I have helped over 3,000 people embark upon healthy living programmes.


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