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Posted by Shaleen Meelu on Thursday, 16 May 2013 in Recipes

An Orange Recipe 

Yesterday I popped into a local restaurant for lunch and they were serving carrot and butternut squash soup. I'd never tasted the combination before and I thought to myself  I think we need to spice this up a little. So imagine my surprise when I visited my Aunt's house later and she also said she had prepared a butternut squash and carrot sabzi (meaning vegetable dish). Conicidentally, I noticed a tweet from @Endinghunger

"The best solution to tackle Vitamin A Deficiency already exists and it's called vegetables' We responded 'Orange vegetables - you've inspired us to post some recipes'. To find out more about vitamins also see Nutrition matters

The salad on the left is simply chopped up carrots, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and this is the reason we ate so much salad when we were younger. The green dish is mint chutney and the dish on the right the carrot and butternut squash prepared by my beautiful Aunt (who we call Masi which means mother's sister - pic of both below). This is how you do it:

Carrot and Butternut Squash Sabzi

  • Two tablespoons of vegetable oil e.g. rape seed oil 
  • Three medium sized onions finely chopped
  • Tin of chopped tomatoes
  • A couple of inches of chopped ginger
  • Two - three chopped garlic cloves
  • 3 chillies chopped (optional of course) 
  • One medium sized butternut squash - remove the skin, de-seed and then chop into cubes
  • Five carrots 
  • 1 teaspoon of - turmeric, coriander power, garam masala
  • Aunt also adds salt but I don't ever think salt is necessary when using fantastic flavours - so it's up to you the cook! 
  1. Chop three medium sized onions and fry in the oil. Use a heavy based wide pan that you can cover (step 4)
  2. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, chopped ginger and chopped garlic
  3. Add all the orange veg and stir through the spices
  4. Cover and leave on a medium heat until the veg is cooked through 

Another popular butternut squash recipe is Warm lentil butternut squash salad taken from a Waitrose cook book. We've prepared this in school/community cookery sessions and parents and children love it as you can tell from the number of hits. I think it's one of the most popular blog posts. 

Do you want to know how to make the family mint chutney also? 

That's me in between my mother (left) and my Aunt (right) who are the greatest cooks ever. As is the little sister. I'm really not that great but enjoy tasting the good food on offer!

For mint chutney simply mince (they have a short chopper ideal for chutneys) 6 tomatoes, a bunch of mint, one red onion, 6/7 chillies and add salt/balsamic vinegar to taste (easy on the salt by the way). 






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