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Healthy Futures Team 2013


Me, Shaleen Meelu

I set up Healthy Futures in 2009 after working in public health. Healthy futures was established to realise national and regional health and wellbeing strategies  through an evolving programme of practical activity, training, health programme management and evaluation. We've developed a relationship with a network of individuals who passionately believe in the aims of our organisation and especially look forward to working with Ian, Kavita, Robert and Janice over the coming year. 


Dr Ian Lake 

Ian is a GP in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire with an interest in diabetes and preventative health. In 2007 Ian carried out research into using internet providers of weight management collaborating with the NHS in a best practice arrangement. This developed into a commissioned programme which won Clinical Team of the Year, Nutrition at the General Practice Awards 2012. Ian says 'I would like to see a prevention culture establishing itself firmly alongside treatment in the NHS. 

Miss Kavita Meelu 

My younger sister Kavita moved to Berlin in 2009 the year Healthy Futures was launched. She is currently European director of New York based start-up Kitchen Surfing. The entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by Kavita and her colleagues in Berlin provides inspiration for the nutrition, food and health projects we deliver here in the UK. This year Kavita will help establish a network of  community chefs to support our work and other community food initiatives. I love the idea of identifying talent from within the community to revolutionise attitudes to food rather than turning to tv chefs for inspiration. 

Mr Robert Smith

Robert has been supporting Healthy Futures since launch. This includes sponsoring events, supporting project delivery and building links to public and private sector contacts. Robert worked for PwC for 25 years before setting up Nexus Professionals with the city's big wigs. He has unique experience delivering multi-million pound projects across a variety of sectors (food, pharma, public sector, LA) and is currently supporting the development of the city's business support unit based on Michael Heseltine's recent recommendations. He's kinda smart.

Prof Janice Thompson

We are SO HAPPY Janice has moved to Birmingham University to take up the role of Professor of Public Health Nutrition and Exercise. Janice is a rare example of a successful academic who gets involved in community work and delivers projects/programmes herself. If we are commissioned to evaluate or deliver nutrition projects she's an ideal supervisor. We also use her nutrition text books as reference material.


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Hi, my name is Shaleen Meelu and I am the founder of Healthy Futures. I’m also a registered nutritionist and I have helped over 3,000 people embark upon healthy living programmes.


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