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Food Route a Journey Through Food (all ages) 

Primary and secondary resources including teacher's guide produced by the Food Standards Agency and British Nutrition Foundation. The resources include target charts to help children and young people achieve compreshensive food competency skills including Diet and Health, Food Safety, Shopping and Cooking. We piloted Food Route resource with schools in Worksop and found the worksheets and target charts worked well in a variety of classes and out-of-hours clubs. The British Nutrition Foundation has recently developed this further to support young people to achieve healthy and active lifestyles.

Wellcome Trust Big Picture Resources (I'd say 14+)

Although the Wellcome Trust say these resources are for Biology teachers and A-level students, I find the resources useful for a variety of settings including training health professionals and getting young people to think about the broader context in relation to nutrition, food and health. 

Obesity teaching resource topics include

  • How is body weight controlled?
  • Why is the incidence of obesity increasing?
  • What is the impact on people and society?
  • What can be done about it?
  • Whose responsibility should it be?

Big Picture Food and Diet provides a holistic view of food. Topics include

  • Building a baby: Maternal Diet
  • Anatomy of Appetite
  • Exploring ancient diets

In relation to this the Wellcome Trust have compiled a list of links to support teaching about food and diet

Big Picture Exercise, Energy and Movement

I like the youtue clip on 'Exercise busting myths' this may be worth showing to young people to encourage more physical activity. 

British Nutrition Foundation

BNF develop a range of resources called Fact for Life and are promoting a Healthy Eating Week from the 3rd - 7th June. 

If school staff need further support/advice on using these resources please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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