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Food Tour Gallery 

Anne Mackey previously worked as a chef prior to retraining as a secondary school teacher. She booked a Healthy Futures 'International Food Tour' of Birmingham for year 10 pupils who are interested in pursuing careers in food and catering. The tour cost £225.00, lasted for four hours and included food tasters along the way. 

We started off at the wholesale market which is a 21 acre complex that supplies horticulture, meat, fish and poultry to businesses in the West Midlands. Robert described how the Bullring has evolved over the years. 



At the indoor market students snapped pics of a freshly caught shark!




Our first workshop was led by Sushi Passion chef Adam. We learned about Japanese food culture, observed sushi preparation and of course sampled a variety of pieces. Did you know sushi means vinegared rice? 



We met the proprieter of the Caribbean food stall who introduced students to the variety of root vegetables used by the local West Indian and some African communities. We were taught the difference between plantains and green bananas. 


At the Chinese supermarket, students discovered dumplings, a variety of greens and noticed the difference in packaging between Chinese and local products. A few students familiar with Chinese food purchased sweet buns and cold drinks with unique flavours including lychee and green tea.



We walked through Birmingham's China Town to the farmers market on New Street and stopped off to try 'bubble tea' along the way. This is a Taiwanese drink that contains 'tapioca pearls.' 




Our favourite stall at the Birmingham farmer's market is described as a 'Vegetarian Haven'. Mo asked pupils to name countries in the Middle East before explaining the origins of the food he prepares. The talk attracted  a large crowd of shoppers who were also passing by. We sampled stuffed baby aubergines and a chickpea salad as well as falaafel wraps.




At the next stop students discovered key ingredients used in Thai cooking including lemon grass, 'Thai basil', chili, tofu, noodles, coconut milk, corriander root and galangal.

Other students visited a Southern States inspired stall where 'low and slow' chef described how he cooks his meat for 9 hours.



 Annie looking happy after tasting Thai food samples. 





At the French bread stall we learnt about 'Real Bread' which is made with four key ingredients (flour, water, yeast and salt) and includes no articial additives. 




Our final stop  Piccolinos where manager and chef Danielle hosted a pizza workshop demonstrating how easy it is to prepare home made pizza with fresh ingredients. 


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