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Posted by Shaleen Meelu on Wednesday, 14 March 2012 in Cookery Classes

Mother's Mother Food Project

Kavita will be launching the Mother's Mother Food Project at the Berlin Food Collective this week. The project celebrates food culture and food memory passed down from our mothers and grandmothers.

What's it all about....

Mothers around the world have been cooking up banquets for family and friends since time immemorial. An invitation to such an affair is an expression of love and pride. Guests are offered priceless cultural experiences more authentic than a holiday to a far away land. Yet ask a mother or grandmother for a recipe and they respond 'we don't have recipes. we just know.' They learned through observation and participating in meal preparation from a young age. They overheard conversation in kitchens and banter in markets. Priceless experiences. 

So, Kavita says, it is with their love and pride that we bring Berlin a unique dining experience. During each event, we will introduce you to a chef from Berlin and beyond who will recreate a 'mother's mother' dining experience based on their personal experiences and observations. Diners will hear and taste the story of food and love passed through generations. Fantastic ingredients and dishes will re-create timeless moments to inspire and uplift.

To book your place contact Kavita - if you are UK based and would like to find out more please also get in touch. 

First Event Friday 17th March 2011

Secrets of a Cantonese Kitchen

Ingredients: include lemon grass, noodles, chili sauce, flour, greens

Story: How little Suzy lost her sticky bun

Secret ingredient: In steamed balls (as you are reading this blog we will let you know preserved orange peel is used!)

Film to watch afterwards: In the Mood for Love



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