Shortly after we were founded in 2009, we were commissioned by the Department of Health to train schools to set-up and deliver breakfast clubs, evaluate the food and health programmes and pilot the Food Standards Agency (FSA’s) Food Route project. In our first year around 2,000 teachers, support staff, parents and pupils took part in our workshops and training programmes.

In 2010 we were also recruited to develop nutrition programmes for social enterprises. This included the development of diabetes workshops, culturally sensitive shop tours and cookery classes. Our activities were linked to community and employee health screens where we offered lifestyle interventions to individuals diagnosed as high risk for heart disease and diabetes.

In 2011 we were asked by the Department of Health to deliver training to healthcare professionals in secondary care settings. This training focuses on how to communicate effectively with patients and encourage them to make positive lifestyle choices. We also trained early year’s workers on how to deliver the healthy eating message.

In the past few months we launched our personalised lifestyle services, food tours and cookery classes. If you’d like to find out more about our services, please get in touch.

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