Shaleen Meelu

Hi, my name is Shaleen Meelu, and I am the founder of Healthy Futures and a Registered Nutritionist. If you want to lose weight, eat more healthily and live a happier, more energetic life, I can provide expert advice on how to make the right food choices. If you are an organisation requiring health programme management, I have the relevant experience and fantastic networks and happy to pass on a CV. I graduated from Imperial College with a degree in Biochemistry and I also have a masters in Human Nutrition from Sheffield Medical School. Both were tough courses and IC alumnus are offered 10% off our services as they have to work ridiculously hard. 

If you’d like to talk to me about any of the services we offer, please feel free to get in touch at your convenience. I work mainly from London and Birmingham but am happy to travel to more exotic locations. 

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