Autumn activities to promote healthy eating

Even though we aren't an academic institution or affiliated to an education establishment, it really does feel like the end of the holidays and the beginning of the year when September arrives. I simply haven't been keeping up to date with tweets, facebook and blog posts and blame the distraction of the Olympics and a late Indian summer. But there are a few activities coming up which we need to promote. Including a cookery demonstration at an allotment, 'Brum Come Dine with Me', a food tour in London, a food tour in Berlin, the Healthy Hearts annual diner and school healthy eating course. Grab your diary...

Cookery Demonstration at Market Garden

We'll be supporting the 'Growing Opportunities' team at Ideal for All on Saturday 22nd September during their annual harvest day at Salop Drive Market Garden. Last year, local children helped us prepare a variety of recipes incorporating ingredients grown by locals. Carol Goff who is chair of Ideal for All describes said that 'The aim of the market garden is to promote food awareness, healthy eating and exercise.' Salop Drive was started by Oxfordshire farmers Laura Davis and Veronica Barry who have led work in Urban agriculture in the UK. They were highlighted in a BBC Radio 4 Food Programme on community farms and  market gardens. Click on the link to find out more. 

London and Berlin Food Tours

We'll be doing a reccy to revise our London food tours on Thursday 27th September. The aim will be to identify new food stops to include on the route.The following week on Friday 5th of October, we'll be in Berlin visiting new food projects and enterprises as well as joining the Mother's Mother supper club for a Peruvian inspired meal.  If you would like to join in or would like to recommend potential visits based on your own experience, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or buzz me on 07990660055. 

'Brum Come Dine with Me' 

'Brum Come Dine with Me' has been described as a unique collaboration between Birmingham University and the City Council. Activities take place on Friday 28th of September and our friend Professor Janice Thompson said she will be on stage at the MAC 'a parody of a nutrition scientist with a big lab coat and big black glasses, analysing and giving advice to the dancers on their nutritional intake prior to the performance.' Janice who is Professor of Public Health Nutrition, will also be leading shop tours at Waitrose in Harborne to help shoppers understand how to label read and purchase items for a balanced diet. 

To find out more visit the Brum Dine with Me website 

 6 Week Healthy Eating Programme

 Now that school has restarted, we will continue from where we left off....The next session is titled 'Make Dinner a Winner' and will take place on Tuesday October 2nd. The programme was commissioned by Daljit Khayre and Sam Hines (managers at the Soho Links School Cluster). Each week, parents are invited to take part in a two hour activity combining nutrition education, cookery demonstration and exercise class led by instructor Luke Lincoln. The session is free and open to anyone in the local community. To find out more and to book a place contact Daljit via e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 07920275564.

We aim to accredit the course by the end of the year and train school staff to deliver the programme over the coming academic year. To find out more about our support for schools click on the link. We'll post news about the annual Healthy Hearts diner at the East End Foods ballroom in the October newsletter. Keep evening of 23rd November free for this.