What's on Berlin? Parsi and Turkish food at Mother's Mother

Posted by Shaleen Meelu on Tuesday, 17 April 2012 in What's On

Turkish Food at Berlin Collective 

Kavita will be organising the second Mothers' Mother event at the Berlin Food Collective tomorrow. We continue to feature this work as a source of inspiration for exciting food projects that can revolutionise the way we shop, cook and eat food. On Thursday, the recipes will originate from the Turkish community. We include a tour of the Turkish food market in Kreuzberg as part of the Berlin Food Tour led by Kavita.

The Turkish menu is inspired by Grandma Sephal Altibnay (left). This includes roasted red pepper with walnut spread for starters, followed by a mysterious spice mix crostini, little dumplings in yoghurt sauce and stewed pumpkins with toasted walnuts.  Sounds so yum. 

 E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your place. Euros 28 per head.

Last Sunday's meal at the Berlin Food Collective was Parsi inspired. Parsi is the Indian name for the Zorastrians that fled Persia during the first Islamic invasion 1000 years ago. They sill exist as a prosperous and influential community in India (the owners of Tata for example are Parsi). There's a fantastic story of how the Parsi's arrived in Indian on the Mother's Mother facebook page as well as pictures of the Cantonese dining experience which we blogged about a few weeks ago.

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