Six week plan to Healthy Eating - week 3

Posted by Shaleen Meelu on Monday, 09 July 2012 in What's On

Six Week Plan to Healthy Eating - Week 3

We're into week 3 of our six week plan to healthy eating. Week 1 involved learning how to use a Food diary and last week we learned how to Build a Better Breakfast. Tomorrow's session will focus on revolutionising lunchtimes. We'll also include some information on healthy weight and BMI and participants will also have the opportunity to try out some physical activity.

In the past, sessions like this often stimulate discussion around the following topics;

  • What children will/won't eat - we'll be prepared to reassure and encourage parents to support their children to make positive food choices. A child may declare that he or she 'hates' a food group (e.g. fish, dairy or fruit/vegetables) but if this means that key nutrients are not being consumed, then, it is important to speak to children about food. We'll discuss adapting recipes, how food tastes evolve  over the years and the importance of offering food tasters and introducing new items into the daily diet.
  • What parents eat/won't eat - we often hear how parents skip meals because they are too busy or for some reason prepare fantastic meals for their family that they don't eat themselves. A key aspect of this programme is to support adults to learn more about food and health. It is important to encourage variety, balance and moderation and this applies to adults as well as children.
  • Labels/food packaging and conflicting messages - 'but I thought that was really healthy' . We will 'showcase'  lunchbox items and discuss the power of advertising and marketing to both children and adults. Conflicting messages are often found on the packaging of products that are promoted to children. So we'll be teaching parents to label read and will also hand out copies of the Food Standard Agency's ' (out of print!) card that shows consumers how to identify food items are high in sugar, salt and saturated fat. 
  • Weight gain - 'I used to be so skinny but have put on weight since becoming a mom' . It is not our intention to turn this into a weight management programme but it is worth discussing how weight gain can occur slowly over a period of time and that a healthy weight can be achieved through consuming a balanced diet rather than going on fad diets. We'll also spend a few moments discussing the NCMP (National Child Measurement Programme) and how child BMI is calcuated and what this means. 
After all that chat and a little exercise, our cookery demonstration we'll prepare teach the group how to prepare orange and almond couscous salad, healthy burgers, home-made humus and fruit milk-shakes. The session is free and will take place at St Michael's Community Centre in Birmingham.
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