Kitchen Surfing

Posted by Shaleen Meelu on Tuesday, 07 August 2012 in What's On

Kitchen Surfing 

Kavita Meelu set up a fantastic project called 'Mother's Mother' in Berlin at the start of the year. This is one of a number of projects in Berlin that is revolutionising the way in which participants buy, cook and eat food. I am inspired by the young people who without investment, use their creative and entrepreneurial skills to set-up amazing programmes that achieve what many of us are trying to achieve elsewhere that is, a new approach to eating to support health and well-being. 

As a result of her achievements, Kavita has been recruited to support the European expansion of a project called 'Kitchen Surfing' which started in New York. This provides opportunities for those who have cooking expertise to share this within their community. 

Sharing Food Skills

Kitchen surfing promotes individuals with a variety of skills including those who have worked in high end professional kitchens  and those with a desire to share their 'food culture' with the community. This includes some of those who have contributed towards the Mother's Mother experience in Berlin. Click on the link to see images of the food and activities that have taken place so far. 






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