Annual Get Together

This year, our annual get together will take place at York's Bakery in Birmingham and we have invited key guests to say a few words to stimulate further informal discussion over food and drink. Invites have also been extended to friends and colleagues working in business, professional services, local authority, healthcare, for social enterprises and within the charitable sector. 

Key Guests

Earlier this year we were commissioned by the Nutrition Society to carry out a scoping exercise for the expansion of their training and education programme. We were pleased to get to know Dr Rebecca Lang who is the Society's Training and Education Officer. Beckie is currently working full-time as campaign's manager for Tommy's, the baby charity. 

Dr John Middleton has been director of Public Health at Sandwell PCT for 21 years. He is also Vice-President of the Faculty of Public Health and has his very own Blues Band. John will describe how public health departments are changing and whether there is a future for the kind of work we have been involved in in the past. 

We recently met Dr Ian Taylor at a RCGP meeting focusing on nutrition. Ian is a Cotswolds based GP who developed an online weight management programme for his patients. He discussed the challenges faced following launch and has recently written on the the multiple factors that determine/influence overweight and obesity. 

We were pleased to discover that good friend and colleague Professor Janice Thompson moved to Birmingham University to take-up the post of Professor of Public Health Nutrition in September. Janice has a great reputation as an academic who continues to get involved in community development work both nationally and internationally. 

If you are involved in developing and delivering nutrition, food and health programmes and would like to join us on Thursday November 8th, please call me (Shaleen Meelu) on 07990660055 or e-mail me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We'll let you know how it goes (including what food and drink was included!) in due course.