Food Discovery at Farmers Markets

Posted by Shaleen Meelu on Saturday, 10 March 2012 in General

Middle Eastern Inspired Vegetarian Food

We love bumping into Mr KusKus on the farmers market circuit in Birmingham. He is so entertaining, which is probably why he has been featured in the New Statesman, the Guardian and the Food Channel. The first time we met him he expressed how he was inspired by his friends' mothers' cooking whilst at university. Today, he introduced us to new vegetarian dishes as a revolution against awful flavored, packaged couscous. Our lunch included aromatic lentils combined with courgettes, aubergine, soya chunks, fresh tomatoes and dried fruit. And of course, the 'UK's best falafel' wraps. All low fat, low sugar and low salt but very tasty. Visit KusKus foods to discover how to prepare nutritionally balanced vegetarian meals containing good sources of protein. Also, for those of you who struggle to meet your five-a-day...some of these dishes include at least three portions in one meal!

Candy Stripe Beets


Friend Jo lives in Queens Park and made a fantastic discovery at her local farmers market 'Candy Stripe Beets'. We are  amazed at the endless diversity of veg. Our discovery inspired us to have a 'pink party'...Roasted beets served with goats cheese and a lovely Sicilian rose for starters. Of course, having posted the pic on facebook comments led us to a  recipe post and even more ideas. Visit PopArtichoke to discover more.

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