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  • Healthy Futures' Food School

    My younger friends say there is nothing worse than going silent on social media...that one should blog on a weekly basis, tweet hourly and update FB regularly. I find this impossible. So, whilst we've been silent, we haven't been inactive. Since returning from a month in Berlin, I agreed to work part time for the Nutrition Advice team in Public Hea ...
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  • Vitamin D

    Vitamin D My hairdresser recently told me that she was feeling very low in energy and after tests the doctor said this is due to vitamin D deficiency. The National Diet and Nutrition Survey suggests that 25% of 19 - 24 year olds and 1/6 th of the total adult female population are at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Most people are aware that vitamin ...
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  • Birmingham Food Tour - Gallery

    Food Tour Gallery  Anne Mackey previously worked as a chef prior to retraining as a secondary school teacher. She booked a Healthy Futures 'International Food Tour' of Birmingham for year 10 pupils who are interested in pursuing careers in food and catering. The tour cost £225.00, lasted for four hours and included food tasters along the way. ...
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  • Love Food, Hate Waste

    Love Food, Hate Waste - Food Skills Research  Healthy Futures has been commissioned to carry out research on behalf of WRAPs 'Love Food Hate Waste' (LFHW) campaign. We will gather insight from community food schemes throughout the UK to highlight the food skills people develop following participation in community cooking courses.  LFH ...
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  • Reducing Salt

    Reducing Salt  This blog was published on World Health Day 2013 to raise awarness of the risk of hypertension read Hypertension and blood pressure to find out more Salt actually refers to 'sodium chloride'. We need sodium chloride for muscle contraction, fluid regulation and nerve impulse transmission. However, too much salt has a ...
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  • Healthy Futures Annual Get Together

    Annual Get Together This year, our annual get together will take place at York's Bakery in Birmingham and we have invited key guests to say a few words to stimulate further informal discussion over food and drink. Invites have also been extended to friends and colleagues working in business, professional services, local authority, healthcare, for ...
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  • What's on September 2012

    Autumn activities to promote healthy eating Even though we aren't an academic institution or affiliated to an education establishment, it really does feel like the end of the holidays and the beginning of the year when September arrives. I simply haven't been keeping up to date with tweets, facebook and blog posts and blame the distraction of the ...
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  • Training the Trainer to MECC

    At the start of the year we met Ash Soni (Joint Lead for the NHS's Future Forum) who proposed the Make Every Contact Count (MECC) policy accepted by government. A group of accredited trainers including myself have since been recruited by the Department of Health to deliver training to NHS staff who will implement this policy.  Training t ...
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  • Tackling Global Malnutrition

    Tackling Global Malnutrition The Prime Minister will announce that tackling global malnutrition will be London's Olympic Legacy on the day of the closing ceremony. The purpose of this and related blogs is to encourage public health workers including nutritionists to get involved in international efforts to tackle malnutrition. Individuals and orga ...
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  • New School Food Review 2012 - 2013

    National School Meal Review I responded to an article in the Observer written by London based entrepreneurs Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent who have been asked to carry out a national school food review by the Department of Education (click on highlighted links to find out more). We received the following response which we wish to share with those ...
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  • Noodle and veg summer salad

    Noodles and Veg Summer Salad This is the first of our summer recipes. If you are spending holidays at home and have a little more time than usual to cook we'll be posting a recipe a day to inspire you. Feel free to adapt and change ingredients. All our recipes will incorporate at least 3 portions of veg and a balance of protein, carbohydrate and g ...
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  • Mung Dahl and Raita

    Mung Dahl and Raita This is probably my favourite dahl although we'll also prepare 'kaala chaana' (black chickpeas) in the next couple of days which is my all time fav Indian pulse. You can buy green mung beans in bulk from most South Asian stores and smaller packs from supermarkets. You need to prepare in advance as the beans need to be soaked ov ...
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  • Eating out? Staying in...

    So, a French restaurant chain does a two course lunch for £9.99 and yesterday I was enticed in by the menu items which included butternut squash and carrot soup for starters followed by cod on stew of chickpeas, olives and toms. I also ordered a side of the rocket salad which also included baby toms, avocado and pine-nuts and an orange juice. A per ...
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  • Midweek Munch - orange food

    An Orange Recipe  Yesterday I popped into a local restaurant for lunch and they were serving carrot and butternut squash soup. I'd never tasted the combination before and I thought to myself  I think we need to spice this up a little. So imagine my surprise when I visited my Aunt's house later and she also said she had prepared a bu ...
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  • Turkish Poached Eggs

    Turkish Poached Eggs I was at the Bristol Lido last week swimming, steaming and eating. The package included breakfast, lunch and dinner. I opted for Turkish poached eggs which include a unique combination of yoghurt and egg. As a big breakfast fan, I'm always looking for something different and nutritious rather than breakfast cereals or breakfas ...
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  • Berlin food collective: Mother's Mother

    Mother's Mother Food Project Kavita will be launching the Mother's Mother Food Project at the Berlin Food Collective this week. The project celebrates food culture and food memory passed down from our mothers and grandmothers. What's it all about.... Mothers around the world have been cooking up banquets for family and friends since time im ...
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  • Birmingham Food Tours 2012

    + Indian Food Tours, Birmingham 2012 + 3 hours, group size 4 - 8, cost per person £45 - £85 (including food tasters and depending upon where the group wants to lunch) We meet at Birmingham Town Hall and cross the road to Queens College Chambers for a private cookery demonstration led by community cook Darshan. We'll then take public or private tr ...
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  • London Food Tours 2012

    Local Food tour, London 2012 Thursdays, 8.30 - 1.30 pm, group size 4 - 8, cost per person £55 - £85 (including food tasters and lunch at a choice of restaurants) Thursday is a great day to discover local produce markets in London. we meet at 8.30 at London Bridge and head over to Borough Market where traders delight in discussing their produce an ...
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  • 2012 Visit England Food Offers

    Culinary Adventures in Birmingham and London We have been invited by Marketing Birmingham to promote our cookery classes and food tours to Olympic visitors. Of course we are more than happy to oblige especially as both the Jamaican and USA Olympic teams will be training at Birmingham University in the run-up to the Olympics. We've organi ...
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  • Berlin Food Collective

    Food Collective Launched in Kreuzberg Kavita who leads our Berlin food tours has recently opened a shared space with friends and colleagues in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. They met for the first time as a group yesterday over breakfast to discuss creative ideas that will engage the local community. Berlin's food culture is influenced by a vib ...
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